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A very obvious difference in video poker compared to traditional real deck casino games is the possibility to play poker only against the machine, without other players or other variables that would decrease your chances of winning in poker. If you are new to video poker and don’t know how to play poker  then we will teach you. We detail all the rules of c poker.

Video poker has as main goal to win the best hand, just like in traditional poker. But you will have the possibility to have the casino companies’ bonuses playing for you. There will be no bluff in video poker, the machine will be your only competitor and that will be very positive in the poker game, because with the random number generators you will never be passed back by a cheater. Have great moments playing video poker, especially free video poker.

Main Video Poker Playing

  • Pair: when, in video poker, the participant has a pair of the same cards in his hand.
  • Two pair: when, in the poker game, the participant has 2 pairs of cards with the same numbering
  • Three of a Kind: when, in the poker game, the participant has a hand with three equal cards, with the same numbering.
  • Sequence: in video poker is when the participant has 5 cards in numerical sequence and do not need to be of the same suit.
  • Flush: in poker, it is a set of five cards of the same suit.
  • Four of a Kind: is a sequence of 3 cards, plus 2 cards, also equal, i.e. a pair and a bite.
  • in the poker game.
  • Four of a Kind: in the poker game, this is a 4 card sequence with the same numbering.
  • Same suit sequence: in video poker it’s a 5-card sequence with the same numbering, and it doesn’t have to be from 10 to Ace.
  • Real Sequence: in poker, it is a hand with a numerical sequence from 10 to Ace with the same suit.

When there are no possible combinations, the video poker player will lose all the credits wagered during the game round.

Video Poker Rules

The most popular game in video poker is Jack or Better Poker. To start a game of poker you must have in mind the values necessary to make a sequence, because as you will notice, the moves in video poker are very fast. The first step is to choose your casino and the bet amount of the hand and have an idea of how much money you can spend. If you just want to test play for free. In the display you will have two buttons: “Bet One” each click on this button and you will increase the number of chips, consequently of money, in the bets of your bonus poker game.

“When you click on this option, the machine will then increase the amount of your bet to the maximum possible limit. After setting up the bets in the casino, click Deal to start the game.

The machine will deal five cards which will face up. The player must analyze the values and decide which cards he wants and which he will discard. He must choose as many cards as he wants. To hold the cards, the player will click on each one or click the Hold button. To receive new cards the player must click Deal. At this point the player knows the final result of the game in the casino.

How Free Video Poker Works

A free video poker game is the best option for those who are starting to play. Enter an online casino and check if you have the free live video poker version, so you will gain more security when placing your bet. Free games are very useful for those who like to attend a casino, after all, so you can find a video poker that you like. Watch the step-by-step to join a free video poker hand at a web casino:

  • Click on “practice free” in your video poker
  • Select your chip value and bet type.
  • Click Spin and enjoy iphone mobile poker.

Once you start your free poker games, you’re sure to get excited and start betting with cash. The free game has been essential for professional players who want to develop strategies.

Be part of a video poker group in a casino and enter a world full of great achievements and fun.

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