How to win money in the casino?

Now I will share my experience about the game and tell you about the attempts to win money at the Netent Casino. I have always been attracted by the opportunity to receive money through the Internet. One of my friends won money on Forex and literally “didn’t count money”.

Some of my friends won money playing poker and in the casinos. I admit that I was always jealous of that job: they always had free time, they always had money and they didn’t depend on anyone… I, who earned $500 a month, also wanted to be financially independent as such. So I started my quest to win on the World Wide Web.

Stories about gambling and currency markets

“I started making money about a year ago. At the beginning of the road I was faced with a choice: casino, poker or Forex. I chose the third one, I could hardly comply with some rules when playing in a casino. I am terribly passionate. I managed to increase my 1 000 dollars five times in a few days, then everything merged. I took a loan and tried again. As a result, I went up from $5,000 to $19,000 and then another drain.

The web is full of information on how to make money in Forex, video, schemes, strategies. After having started living on a large scale and drawing in my imagination mountains of earned money, cars, flats and yachts, which I will have in the near future, I could not stop. My current living expenses vanished compared to the prizes and losses of Forex, so I did not save for myself.

What was the point of saving $20 on a taxi, when at night when I change course I lose or gain thousands? When the money ran out, I decided that I was playing too aggressively and that the mistake was only in me and not in the compensation system. After all, I managed to win from 5 thousand to 19 in a few weeks!

I believe that it is possible to earn money by sitting at home and working only with your head and not with your hands. Many told me that they know of many examples: how their brother, father-in-law, acquaintance or friend who makes money from nothing, invests in pyramids like MMM or makes money in poker and online casinos…

Yet, with such optimistic thoughts, I pawned my flat for $35 000. This money was enough for me alone for several months of the game, any prize or failure enraged, led to depression or great exaltation. I could not eat, sleep, all my thoughts were only about one thing: how to get the money back and exactly today. I lost my psychological stability, it was just an obsession… ยป

The end was banal. Wanting to win, he got into terrible debt. He owed it to the banks, to everyone he knew, to the moneylenders…

In general, I woke up in the morning with a terrible headache and the firm conviction that everyone has their own way of making money. I needed an easier way than to run out of the flat with a lot of debt, to cover which I don’t have enough organs. At least those that are duplicated in the human body.

Even then, articles started appearing with the names “how to make money in a casino” and video courses with a lot of comments in the style of the collective farm. Progress: “Thanks, man, for teaching me how to cut cabbage! Or “Now, by earning $100 an hour, I can buy Dad a car! Surely many of you have seen a video on VKontakte about the mountains of gold winning at roulette and winning money through online casino prizes. Unfortunately, at that time I did not give any importance to this and as it turned out later, it was in vain.

Paid surfing

Paid surfing became the next step in my desire to finally get a stable income. For those who are not into it, I will explain. It has several types of tasks. Something like clicking on the link or answering questions in the questionnaire or registering in the project. For every successful action you are credited with money: from 1 cent to 2 cents.

In the process of completing the tasks, I came across several tasks in which I had to give a like a video from an online casino about the winnings, or write a comment about the text, but, unfortunately, this moment did not stay in my memory, and the understanding of the full depth of the fraudulent scheme of such winnings in a casino already came to me later. After working 10 hours straight, on my day off, I made some clever calculations that I remember from school.

I multiplied the money earned per day (0.8 $) by the number of calendar days in a month. Having received an amount of 66.86 $s (if I work 20 hours a day) and subtracting the payment for utilities, telephone and Internet payment, I decided that my calculations are obviously excellent on sites that offer these services.

According to my calculations, it remained in the red at 18.57 $s, even under the following conditions:

  • Not like at all.
  • I sleep 4 hours a day.
  • So I decided, that such remunerations were not for me, and I continued to look for more.

The 1001 ways to earn money online

After seeing many pages on how to make money online, I found a page to download the book “The 1001 Ways to Make Money on the Internet”, where I had to send an SMS message (to show that you are a living person). I sent foolishly: my mobile phone bill was reduced to 14 $s. At first, they demanded that I send SMS again with confirmation of my age (18+), and then again, allegedly due to a malfunction.

Only after that I received several messages from the mobile phone operator: my balance was less than 14.28 $, 4.28 $… In other words, there is no doubt that there is such a way to make a living. It was just necessary to name it differently: “How to find 1000 and 1 fool to win on the Internet”. Apparently, these steps were the only way to add to a thousand and go around the mansion.

Now for good. As they say, if you suffer for a long time, something will surely work! I will provide you with the links to those sites that I personally dealt with and recommend on my behalf to all those who have the desire and the strength to repeat my path to financial independence.

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