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Combination betting: all sports available 

Combination betting allows you to bet on several sports at the same time. All the odds multiply each other to offer much higher winnings than a single bet. All the bookmakers presented in our sports betting site comparison tool offer this option.

Sports concerned by combined betting

It is of course possible to bet on all sports when choosing a combination bet. For example, you can bet on:

  • PSG’s victory at home
  • that of Djokovic in the first round of Wimbledon
  • the LA Clippers in the first round of the Play-offs if you decide to bet on the NBA.

The more knowledgeable players will use a wider range of sports to find the best odds. They will also avoid certain temptations such as betting on their favourite (link) which is not the best option to take, especially in a multiple bet.

The other reason for this wide choice is that the bettor will not have to wait several days or weeks for the results of his bets. Making a multiple bet with a long-term result in mind, such as the future victory of a team or player in a competition that has just started will take away the interest of the game if the first bet is already lost.

3 simple methods of combined betting

The business of betting on sports

To win often at this kind of betting, you have to be patient. This will simplify the management of your wallet. New players will even be able to start with a bonus and some advantages thanks to the Betclic promotional code for example.

Combining small odds

By choosing 3 or 4 small odds, you bet on the favourites. Sometimes the big guys get eaten by the little beast, but very often they hold their rank and the odds of the favourite remain 98%.

Let’s take the example of Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps at the London Olympics. The odds of the first one in a 100m victory was 1.6 and the odds of the second one in the 100m Papillon were 1.15.

  • By combining these odds, the overall score increased to 1.84 (1.6 x 1.15).
  • Betting 5€, this bet brought in 9.2€, i.e. 4.2€ net.
  • If you bet €50, you would have won €42 net.
  • More than 9 times out of 10, this type of bet wins.

Combine big odds

To spice up your suit, we recommend adding a higher rating. In some cases, a draw is a good opportunity to boost your winnings. So is risking a more complicated bet. Only you will be able to judge, based on your analysis, which match deserves to be added.

If you choose to do this, reduce your bet because adding a less obvious bet in terms of probability also reduces your chances of success, although it increases your potential winnings considerably. Instead of betting €12 you will make four bets at €3.

Using the above example and adding the draw of Lorient at the Parc des Princes against PSG on the opening day of the 2012/2013 Ligue 1 season, your combination would have been as follows:

  • Bolt (1.6) x Phelps (1.15) x Lorient (5.5) = 10.12
  • By betting 3€ your total winnings were 30.36 €.

By playing the two examples, thus two combined bets [(Bolt + Phelps) and (Bolt + Phelps + Lorient)], even if you lose this second so-called “risky” bet, (with a defeat of Lorient), you win the first so-called “easy” bet (9.8 times out of 10). All in all, you are positive. You have €4.2 net on the first one but lost €3 on the second one, hence a total win of €1.2; and with a big potential on the second one which will fall at least once out of 4 times.

Try the impossible

Sometimes betting €1 when playing a large number of bets on a single combination or grid can pay off big. In this case, you have to mix the “easy” odds with the more complicated ones, which is not to say that they are impossible. The potential gains are therefore very high.

With one of the 2 simple methods above, you will be able to afford this kind of exotic bets from time to time, which can pay off. Dreaming is always possible…

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