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Online Poker

The next step in increasing my stable income on the World Wide Web is online poker. Poker is a card game with money. I knew the rules roughly: we played several times with friends. Then I discovered that poker can be played on the Internet. Imagine tens of thousands of players at hundreds of tables playing cards with money. In addition, the site “googled” by me claimed that it would pay me money just to register with its bonus code in one of the ten poker rooms. In fact, by the day of the game (according to my calculations) they paid me about $100, regardless of the result. In practice, everything turned out to be a little more complicated. In total, I was engaged in online poker play for about a month, and the events took place according to the following scenario.

I am the star of online poker

I made a deposit of $100 using the site’s support service. This money was lost in three days. I sincerely wondered why the rest of the players withdraw when I play all-in (vabank) with preflop aces. But when I thought they were bluffing, they always showed me strong combinations. At the time the money was lost, the site was telling me a win of $80. I thought it was another “scam” and turned to the support service for help. What was my surprise when I was given a link to a free site with instructional poker videos?

All the videos are free and there are hundreds of them. How do you play correctly to win a poker game, which cards to start the game with and which to fold before the first bets? A lot of information. I was surprised to learn that experienced players use programs to display statistics, such as Holdem Manager, Poker Tracker and others. They buy databases for these programs, which gives them an idea of the main habits of their opponents, even those they have never played with.

Unfortunately, I promised not to name this site, usually these videos are sold for $10 to 20 each, and they are presented there for free. After dozens of videos watched and hard training, I learned to play a little advantage in micro limits, where the blinds (mandatory bets) are from 0.1 to 0.2 dollars.

I made a new deposit of $100. Now playing less, a lot of time spent on training. A little over a week passed and I already played with a small advantage. Even if it was a little, even if I spent a lot of time on it, but on average, I started to earn around $40 per day, spending 7 to 8 hours on the game. According to my calculations, with a lot of work, winning an online poker game, without any problem, can win around $1000 to 2000 per month. At that time, ideas about changing my main job to my new income started to come to my mind more and more often.

But first things first. After the fourth time I withdrew the money I earned to a card and took it to a nearby ATM, I calmed down a bit. Honestly, up to this point, I considered this whole thing to be some kind of long game scam to select my money, but I had already withdrawn $1200 and no one was going to refuse to pay me.

But after sitting on poker forums, I realized that at this point I have the so-called upstream (this is when a player is lucky with the deals) and this will not always be the case. Afraid of losing my already won money, I started looking for more.

How to win money in a casino?

After making sure that the biggest money revolves around online gambling, I continued to look for the possibilities of winning. I did not give up poker and firmly decided to withdraw half of the money I was winning on the Internet and put it aside for the “black days”, and put the other half into circulation. “Money must work…”, said one of the greats, and I decided to follow this commandment.

This time, I carefully and much less confidently analyzed all the information about the income schemes on the net. I was struck by the possibility of winning money in a casino. I started to study this opportunity in more detail, after having reviewed many sites, strategies and videos.

As a result, I installed myself on the website, which offers many systems for winning in a casino.

Later I realized that all popular systems on the net with gradual increase/decrease of bets are a simple and blatant scam, they do not work. But in Bestnetentcasino they promoted completely different ways to win.

Strategy to win:

One of the main reasons for my attention on the website is the strategy to win on slot machines developed by the owners of the resources and the principle of choosing the right slot machine to play with money. I recommend you to familiarize yourself with it in detail and carefully: this winning strategy is the cornerstone of my casino winnings today.

On the site you can also find gambling recommendations on each of the described slot machines and a lot of additional information about the life and structure of the casino on the Internet, tricks, secrets, etc.

  • Go to the section “How to win in the casino”.
  • Go to the section “How to win at the Netent slot machines?
  • See the information on how to obtain a positive mathematical expectation of winning in a casino
  • Make sure you understand the principles of the Netent slot machine device and the concepts of cyclicity and dispersion of slot machines.

One of the main particularities of Net Entertainment products is the probability of breaking a big prize in slot machines. I hope that after a detailed knowledge of all the systems, each player will be able to appreciate the enormous work of the site’s developers in analysing gambling strategies based on Netent software.

Where to apply?

In my opinion, Netent casinos are by far the best in their segment. And having a list of establishments that give bonuses to players from many countries and allow you to play with an advantage over the casino and besides the mathematical expectation of winning, your choice should definitely be one of these establishments.

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