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Where to bet on tennis?

All bookmakers cover tennis competitions, from Roland Garros to the Australian Open and Wimbledon. The choice is therefore not easy. Here is a list of the 5 best betting sites to bet on tennis.

  • Winamax.
  • 10Bet.
  • Betclic.
  • Zebet.
  • Bwin.
  • 365Bet.

Which tennis tournament should I bet on?

In most sports, the national championship is the main competition throughout the year. By adding the national, European or world cups, a maximum of 5 different tournaments can be reached.

In tennis, there is a multitude of them. We have grouped them together and explain why and how to bet on each of them.

They represent the dream of every tennis player. They are the most prestigious and most rewarding tournaments, in terms of money or points for the ranking (2000 points for the winner).

There are 4 of them:

  • Australian Open.
  • Roland Garros.
  • Wimbledon.
  • US Open.

As far as betting is concerned, these tournaments are interesting for cautious predictors because they offer relatively few surprises: indeed, as they are the unmissable tournaments, the greatest players are present and arrive at the top of their physical condition.

Moreover, for the men, the matches are played in 3 winning sets, instead of 2 in other competitions: this further reduces the probability of an outsider winning against a favourite. It is possible to lose 1 or even 2 sets against a weaker tennis player, but 3 is much rarer.

The length of the matches also gives an advantage to players with a resistant physique, to the detriment of more fragile technicians.

A prognosis in mind? Want to bet on tennis? US Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon… Many bookmakers offer the possibility to bet on the world’s biggest tennis competitions and all your other favourite sporting events.

Types of tennis betting

tennis betting tips

As with other sports, you can be satisfied with betting on the winner of a tennis match, or bet on more precise details of the game… A small overview of the possibilities offered:

Tennis betting with handicap

Some sites offer it, but this type of prognosis is still not very developed. It allows you to rebalance the odds when a player is really too much of a favourite.

For example, during a Tomic-Federer match, the latter will start with a handicap of 5 games: if you bet on Federer and he “only” wins 6-4 6-4, he will only have scored 4 games more than his opponent, and you will therefore lose your bet. On the other hand, if he had won 6-2 6-3, your prognosis would have been correct.

Details of a tennis match

During a match, you can bet on anything, especially in live betting: who will win the first set, the next set… down to the last point!

Beware, we strongly advise against this type of betting on tennis, which is very addictive and can quickly cost you a lot of money with “I’m going to win again, I’m sure Wawrinka will score the next point, you’ll see”.

In case of withdrawal, is the tennis bet cancelled?

This particular case is not as rare as it may seem: dropouts are common during tournaments, especially those played in hot weather such as the Australian Open.

The bookmakers Betclic, PMU, Paries Sport en Ligne and others are very clear: bets are cancelled in case of abandonment during the match, except for those whose result has already been confirmed.

Let’s take a concrete example, in the context of a bet on Roland Garros. In a Ferrer – Simon match, the 1st set was won 6-2 by Ferrer. Simon gave up in the 2nd set, while Ferrer led 3-0.

If you bet:

  • on David Ferrer’s final victory: the bet is cancelled, your bet is refunded.
  • on Gilles Simon’s defeat in the 2nd set: the bet is also cancelled because the set did not end, you will be reimbursed the amounts involved.
  • on Simon’s victory in the 1st set: your bet is lost
  • on a number of sets less than 9 in the 1st set: you have won

To sum up, all bets on the 1st set are valid, as this one was completed. On the other hand, all bets on the final score of the match or the 2nd set are void, as the match was interrupted at that point.

Analysing the matches

Before placing a bet on tennis, you should pay attention to a number of criteria that will help you determine your prognosis. With a good pre-match analysis you should be able to make money from your sports bets. We have listed them in order of importance, but none of them should be overlooked:

  • The players involved: this is obviously the most important one. The ranking of the 2 opponents usually gives a good indication of the potential winner.
  • The surface used: some are very comfortable on clay but become vulnerable on any other surface… In this case, the ranking is not enough, it is necessary to know the preferred surface of the 2 opponents.
  • The time of the year: be attentive to the state of form of each player: those who started the season very early will start with a bang but will experience a drop in pace in the autumn, others will come back from injuries and will take some time to find their rhythm again…
  • The stakes: the points system of the ranking means that one must constantly “defend” the performances achieved the previous year. Thus, if a player has achieved a good tournament in 2018, he will try to do the same in 2019, otherwise he will fall in the ranking.

The advantages of betting on tennis

Unlike football, there are no draws in tennis. You therefore have a 50/50 chance of finding the right result.

Moreover, in big tournaments, there are relatively few surprises in the first rounds. It’s rare that a big seed (top 10 in the world) gets knocked out in the first week. It happens, but for all players, it is not very frequent.

Use Live TV

Unibet, Betclic and Winamax in particular broadcast most of the ATP/WTA tournaments of the season. If you plan to bet live during the matches, we advise you to use video. This will allow you to take your bets at the right time.

On some sites, you will even be able to follow several matches on the same window thanks to a Multiplex function. You will have access to the images, but also to the odds. Thanks to this function, you will greatly improve your reactivity.

The broadcasting of the matches is free of charge. To open the Live Stream, your balance must be positive. However, if you have bet on the match, you will still be able to watch it even if you have no money left in your account.

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